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Android Apps

We create android mobile applications by using Kotlin and Java programming languages. The applications you get in the end will totally equal your hopes, expectations and requests!

  • Java Development
  • Kotlin Development
  • Manual and Automated QA
  • Payment systems integration
  • Consulting
  • Research

iOS Apps

When we deal with the iOS applications development, we use Objectiv-C and Swift programming language in our work. That fact will help you in establishing your projects on all the Apple platforms!

  • Swift Development
  • Objective-C Development
  • Multitasking
  • Designing Sense
  • Git and GitHub
  • Networking

Web Development

Full-cycle MariTech web development includes:
1. Prototyping;
2. Design;
3. Implementation;
4. Supporting;
5. Maintenance.
We specialize at JavaScript, React, AngularJS and Node.js technologies and provide front- and backend development services.

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Vue.js
  • AngularJS
  • React

Naming / logo creation / branding

To come up with an ideal and unique name for your company, considering that all the simple names are already taken, it is better to approach to professionals: you will save your time, which means money, and you will get one hundred percent the best result!

Name created in our company:
1. Corresponds to the tasks and positioning of your company or brand.
2. It is checked for uniqueness.
3. Works great with the target audience in terms of marketing, easy to remember.
4. Has good potential for graphic design in logos or packaging and sounds good.
5. Perfect from a philological point of view.

The combination of these characteristics in the name is a sign of the professionalism of your company.

The development of naming in the MariTech IT company is:
1. We discuss your requirements.
2. Our creators-philologists develop variants of the name, checking them for uniqueness.
3. In the shortest possible time (from 4 days to 8 days) we offer you the first 30 variants of the name.
4. Depending on the agreement, we stop at the version you approved or continue working.
The second stage of the work of our specialists also takes 4-8 days.

The cost of developing a name in our company depends on the time of work.

Our projects

In our app development we use all the modern technologies to make them really helpful for our client’s business and for making their life easier. Our applications are developed in such a way that they can be used on any platform or any modern device - such as web, mobile, wearables and even TV! During the existence of our company, we have worked with clients under a contract with NDA. Those are the followings:
1. The USA (NDA) long-term project (2017-2019);
2. Israel (NDA) long-term project (2016-2019);
Below are our allowed to be shown projects with Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Israel.

Our partners

Our team

Maryna Bezuglaya

CEO, Business analyst

Aleksander Nabilskiy

Mobile expert, Team Lead

Aleksander Shevchenko

Project Manager

Our experience on different platforms

Maritech and modernity

MariTech is an outsource company of Mobile and Web Applications development.

We passionatelly approach every single detail and use the newest technologies in our job.

We focus on software development individually for every custom’s desire.

We have a big experience in native mobile applications developing that allows us making projects of any complexity

Our highlights

Wise people always stay at the beginnings of overwhelming projects. Our company is inspired by those whose ideas change the world. We are enthusiastic about what they do and we have all the skills to provide all of their inner desires into reality! Your desires!

We have had many startups and have worked for different companies all over the world and  your success is our main responsibility and an aim!

Count on us!